Auto Import
Form Design Automation
Save valuable design time by automatic PDF import feature that instantly converts “paper” form into dynamic eForm.
Smarter Forms utilizing proprietary patent-pending technology to convert a PDF form into SF Electronic Form AUTOMATICALLY.
Form Wizard
Step-By-Step Form Wizard
Got long and complex forms? Smarter Forms allows you to break them up into smaller logical sections and quickly convert it into easy to use multi-step wizard with intuitive navigation.
Wizards are often a good alternative for long forms as they offer advantages that you and your users can benefit from.
  • Reduces the seeming complexity of a task or providing a sense of progress
  • Allows you to verify and validate the data in each step
  • The information can be partially stored
  • The flow can be manipulated according to the previous answers
Digital Signatures
Digital & Electronic Signatures
An Electronic Signature, or E-signature, is a simple, legally binding way to indicate consent or approval on digital documents and forms.
A Digital Signature is a specific implementation of an e-signature that requires signers to have certificate-based digital IDs.
Smarter Forms supports both and helps your organization speed time to revenue, reduce risk, and gain greater control and visibility.
SF – Cross Platform Mobile Forms
Smarter Forms provides an adaptable, enterprise solution for mobile data collection with the following benefits:
  • Increases Productivity – allows field workers to be mobile while providing real-time access to centralized back-end data stores
  • Eliminates Redundancy – enter your data once and transmit it to everyone who needs it in minutes
  • Improves Workforce Management – with the GPS tracking and mapping feature, managers can direct tasks to field workers based on their locations
  • Reduces Implementation Time – with our easy to use form generator, you can create data collection forms on the fly to accommodate the data requirements of any application, for any industry
Key Features
  • Smarter Forms are NATIVELY mobile friendly. No extra design time is needed to create mobile forms
  • Form designer offers instant mobile form preview for different screen sizes.
  • Mobile forms are not limited function applications. They offer same feature function as full screen forms.
  • No need to install any software on mobile devices. Smart Forms are delivered in native mobile Web Browser


Automated creation of feature-reach, dynamic applications from PDF or Paper forms.


Smarter Forms closely resemble look and feel of PDF or Paper form yet provides all benefits of electronic form.


Smarter Forms are mobile friendly and automatically adapt to various screen sizes.


Easy to create a form – no programming is required. Intuitive and user friendly UI.


Native support for Digital Signatures (fully compliant to ESIGN Act -15 U.S. Code § 7001)


Integrated with SharePoint Workflow Engine and has native engine of its own.

About Smarter Forms

Smarter Forms is an innovative startup leveraging new technologies to dramatically speed up creation of complex e-Form applications, simplify and standardize forms management across enterprise and greatly improve user experience. We are passionate about changing a way users interact with paper and PDF forms. Our team combines 70+ years of industry experience in creating sophisticated business process automation tools for large enterprises.

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