Auto-Convert 'paper' forms into e-Form applications
Automated Import and Form Recognition
Easy to use. Easy to manage. Dynamic. Automated. Adaptive. Workflow driven. No programming skills required.
Seamless SharePoint Integration
Smarter Forms Run in SharePoint & Office 365
SF Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Enterprise Portal as well as other BPM and CMS systems.
Smarter Forms are Mobile
Converted PDF Form Becomes Adaptive
No Additional Software is Required on Devices
Smarter Forms are dynamic and mobile friendly. They are designed to adapt to various screen sizes. Forms run in native web browser - nothing to download and install.
Flexible platform integrated with SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint online or run as stand-alone solution.
Automated PDF-to-eForm conversion. Programming-free, dynamic, feature-reach workflow-based applications.
Smarter Forms saves your time by automaitng form creation process. No programming skills required!
What are Smarter Forms?
Smarter Forms turn your paper or PDF forms into feature reach smart applications.
Aside from eliminating the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms, and the wastage of obsolete forms, e-forms can be filled out faster because the programming associated with them can automatically format, calculate, look up, and validate information for the user. With digital signatures and routing via e-mail, approval cycle times can be significantly reduced. With electronic submission of completed forms, you can eliminate the cost of re-keying data and the associated errors.
How it Works?
Compared to paper forms, e-forms allow more focus on the business process or underlying problem for which they are designed (for example, expense reporting, purchasing, or time reporting). They can understand the roles and responsibilities of the different participants of the process and, in turn, automate routing and much of the decision making necessary to process the form.


Automated creation of feature-reach, dynamic applications from PDF or Paper forms.


Smarter Forms closely resemble look and feel of PDF or Paper form yet provides all benefits of electronic form.


Smarter Forms are mobile friendly and automatically adapt to various screen sizes.


Easy to create a form – no programming is required. Intuitive and user friendly UI.


Native support for Digital Signatures (fully compliant to ESIGN Act -15 U.S. Code § 7001)


Integrated with SharePoint Workflow Engine and has native engine of its own.

About Smarter Forms

Smarter Forms is an innovative startup leveraging new technologies to dramatically speed up creation of complex e-Form applications, simplify and standardize forms management across enterprise and greatly improve user experience. We are passionate about changing a way users interact with paper and PDF forms. Our team combines 70+ years of industry experience in creating sophisticated business process automation tools for large enterprises.

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